5 galactic reasons to advance your career with Techband

Why Techband? Because you will get an unfair advantage on your IT freelance journey. Because we can provide your with project of your dreams. And because your career will skyrocket.

Become a Techbander

Which part of the Techband base you will peek into?

Spoiler alert, all are free of charge!

#1 Get to know a top company

Vetting of the projects

We are cooperating with Czech and Slovak software companies, and other European countries are gradually being added.

#2 We have your back!

You can focus on your job. We will arrange the rest.

We will take care of smooth onboarding and if you hit some bumps, we will solve it. Or we will offer you a new project.

#3 Training for the stars

Education, mentoring, development.

Nowadays, you can learn how to code through the internet. But what about business thinking? English? Communication skills? We can help you with that.

#4 Stellar team

You work remotely, but in a team

Freelance work is great. But it might get lonely sometimes. If you need general or professional counseling, Techband is here for you.

#5 Money talk, transparently.

How much do you earn and what provides for us?

We are not some HRists who will rip you off and then snag most of your paycheck. We are a group of young enthusiasts, who enjoy to support the development of Slovak and Czech talents.