Helping companies scale tech teams

Companies like Kiwi, Pipedrive or ESET have their tech hubs based in CEE due to the strong tech talent pool, fair price and EU membership with proximity to major commercial hubs – London, Berlin, Amsterdam. We work with vetted local IT specialists who are eager to deliver value for outstanding companies.


Smooth hiring with Techband

Vetted and experienced developers

We carefully vet all of the developers we work with. They go through a personal and technical review. We also provide them with further tech know-how to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date.

Smooth cooperation

We will assist you with onboarding and take care of the entire experience of the developer during our cooperation.

The right match

We will identify the ideal fit combining our HR team's know-how and algorithm. In addition, you can also vet each developer.

Fast hiring

Our available talent pool is always up-to-date thus if we find the right match, you can hire a new team member immediately.

We support companies with ambitious goals.

We help our developers grow. Hence we only work with companies that allow them to do so. We will be happy to connect you with our pre-vetted IT specialists if:


  • You are a software house or you develop your own product/software
  • You know your goals and follow them
  • You are clear on what you need from a developer and you are a fan of remote collaboration.

We will match you with relevant and vetted IT specialists


We help NextRetreat with scaling their tech team.

Tatum Blockchain

Tatum Blockchain work with Techband to identify top senior developers from CEE region.


Websupport work with Techband developers to develop their key internal systems.

We cherry pick our developers

Every Techbander is thoroughly vetted. We have a series of tests and interviews, which help us determine their qualities and fit to a project. 

We cooperate with developers, who fulfill these criteria:

  • They have a commercial experience
  • They continuously work on their development  
  • They understand both business and technical aspects of the work
  • They effectively work in teams

Filip,Community manager

We have several interviews with all of our developers. Our main focus is technical and soft skills, business thinking and teamwork.