Java Develolper

title ID: 2434

ID: 307

Location: Remote

Type: Contract

Monthly salary: up to 5600 €

Company detail

Our partner is a small company with a very dynamic scope, which is not only built on the development of web applications or backend services, but also solves infrastructure built on customer requirements. They are a company that works on their own solution and needs reinforcements for their team.


What will you be working on?

It will primarily be their platform for text, audio and image processing and analysis. The solutions are written in Java, built on the Spring Boot platform. They use JUnit 5 for testing and Apache Maven for managing software artifacts. They create both functional libraries and complex enterprise solutions for processing and analyzing large volumes of data (hundreds of millions of documents in the order of hours). They use open-source a lot, study and practically test new products, which they then use to improve their solutions. If you, like them, enjoy discovering new things, having the opportunity to try them and come up with innovations, then you will find space with others.


  • Development of backend applications and libraries in Java. Knowledge of Spring Boot and JUnit frameworks, so nothing difficult.
  • Working with Docker and Kubernetes is a must with a partner, but if you don’t know them, it doesn’t matter – they will teach you everything.
  • Ability to study and use other solutions such as Apache Tika, Tesseract, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, OpenNLP or other solutions in the field of text, audio and image analysis.
  • You must have already encountered the development of an application and dealt with cooperation in a team. You needed to know Git for that. It is no different here, and you will need his knowledge.
  • Good mood, enthusiasm and joy of programming.



  • Personal & Professional mentoring
  • Regular Techband breakfasts & team buildings
  • Bi-monthly tech webinars
  • Access to startup ecosystem via StartuPeak community founded by Techband & Accace

💻 Technology

  • Java
  • Spring Boot

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