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JavaScript Developer pre inovatívny startup

Location: Bratislava

Type: , Full Time

Monthly salary: od 4000 €

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  • HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Typescript
  • Angular / Ionic
  • Jasmin, Karma
  • NPM, GitHub, Asana



  • node.js + typescript
  • express, jest
  • AWS: serverless (lambda), API Gateway, S3, RDS (MySQL), Amplify

Company detail

We are developing a service that will relieve programmers of work they don’t want, but have to do, and will give it to people who want it, but can’t do it without us. That work is writing of CSS code, which non-programmers will do better with our technology than most programmers do today. In the last year, we have created a functional prototype, obtained an investment and brought the product to the minimal version, for which customers are willing to pay.


We see a path in the combination of narrow specialization and technological progress with a focus on enabling people to do that narrow specialization without any knowledge outside of it. We apply this approach to an area that we deeply understand and our goal is to prevent others from having to. This is where we see a unique opportunity to get millions of people into IT field and unlock the handbrake on the world-driving industry, with all stakeholders benefiting from it.


Why are we looking for you?

  • Because you understand web technologies like a few others and you have experience in projects that have forced you to understand in depth how browsers work, what are all the things that web APIs enable, and the tempting challenge for you is not to develop something in Angular, but to develop Angular itself (we are not creating new Angular, but we are looking for people who can do anything in JS / TS and who dare to create technology that will then be used to create other technologies)
  • Because you want to work on something that don’t exist yet (you won’t find things from our roadmap on Stack Overflow) and need to be speculated, programmed and scaled for millions of users around the whole world, starting from the scratch
  • Because just like us, you are driven by the desire to learn, to grow, to do things every day better than the day before, and the words “it is impossible” are the beginning of a debate, not the end for you
  • Because it tempts you to do something with a major positive impact on the world and instead of working on another project you want to build something of your own

Other experiences

Full-stack development Web technologies


Startup environment
Building something of your own
Working on a project with positive impact on the world