JavaScript Full-stack / FE or BE developer

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Location: Remote

Type: Contract

Monthly salary: up to 6400 €

Company detail

Young and ambitious software studio is looking for senior FE / BE or fullstack JavaScript developers. Your work with Node.js or React or Angular and you are not afraid of  the most challenging R&D projects, you are the right fit.
You can choose from 3 projects to work on right now.


RoboRXN Lavcast

Live video streaming system that captures molecule synthesis from an autonomous chemical lab.
Automatic camera switching among 15 cameras based on synthesis data and sensor data from devices such as robotic arm, vacuum pumps, liquid pump dispenser. Video is enriched with infographics that are synced with the playback through metadata injection.

  • Angular / Node.js / HLS / InfluxDB / Kubernetes



IBM Research Dataspace is a physical space with a configurable array of 15 robot-mounted 4k displays and a table in the middle. We have worked on a software platform that allows to build multi-modal distributed applications for the space, orchestrate robot movements, and allow natural interactions with the space through voice, gesture, touch and computer vision

  • Electron / RabbitMQ / Redis / Go / Node.js


Digital Platform

Platform that supports a seamless, scalable digital presence for IBM Research to engage with all of the audiences.

Highly-optimized multi-region deployment with continuous availability.

  • React / Next.js / GraphQL / Node.js / PostgreSQL / Openshift / IBM Hybrid Cloud



  • Personal & Professional mentoring
  • Regular Techband breakfasts & team buildings
  • Bi-monthly tech webinars
  • Access to startup ecosystem via StartuPeak community founded by Techband & Accace

💻 Technology


  • React or Angular
  • Next.js
  • GraphQL, Redis



  • Node.js or Go
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, GraphQL
  • RabbitMQ

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