.NET developer

title ID: 1972

Location: Remote

Type: , Full Time

Monthly salary: up to 5600 €

Company detail

We are looking for developers for the development of BE for our client. These are warehousing / accounting / operating systems. The project is estimated at 2-5 years of development.

We currently have logistics divided into several development teams. We primarily strengthen the team 1, team 2 and team 3 (each of them has around 7 people). I would then discuss more details directly with the candidates, but below you will find a basic overview.


Team 1 is in charge of business requirements, solving the project of a new layout, operation and deliveries between the individual distribution centers. It also includes the product showroom project. (React, MS SQL, .NET Core, Azure Service Bus)

Team 2 is the most technical and is in charge of the Android Reader project, the availability service, the Click and Collect project and the preparation for the opening of new distribution centers. (Kotlin, MS SQL, .NET Core, Kafka Messaging)

Team 3 then solves the logistics catalog, transcription of the original application into web technologies (React), localization projects and business requirements. (React, MS SQL, .NET Core, Performance, Rabbit MQ)



  • Personal & Professional mentoring
  • Regular Techband breakfasts & team buildings
  • Bi-monthly tech webinars
  • Access to startup ecosystem via StartuPeak community founded by Techband & Accace

💻 Technology

  • .NET Core
  • React
  • Kotlin
  • MS SQL

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