PHP Developer – Nette

title ID: 1968

Location: Remote

Type: , Full Time

Monthly salary: 4400 €

Company detail

  • We are a progressive company composed of professionals with 10 or more years of experience.
  • We do not play the bureaucracy – we try to create the best possible working conditions and not burden the programmers with unnecessary meetings – we use Trello and JIRA for project management.
  • We will focus mainly on our product (CMS) – the publishing platform of the new management based on the principles of micro-services.
  • Our CMS is used by televisions, radio stations, publishing houses and large media houses – which makes our work much more interesting.
  • The product as such will never be ready – we want to constantly improve it and bring advanced features that make us different from the competition.
  • We are not only looking for new clients in Slovakia, but also abroad.
  • We are a purely web development company, we try to make an honest robot as best we can.
  • We use technologies that make our work easier and more pleasant. We develop most things in PHP (we always work with the latest version), the most popular framework of most of our programmers is Nette, but we also have applications in Laravel, Symfony, or other frameworks / languages ​​(Ruby, Node.js).
  • Our philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible and not program already programmed. We develop the smallest possible applications / services and we see added value in connecting them.
  • We provide production servers as well as local virtual machines via Ansible. We version everything via Git and check each other’s code via merge requests.
  • Some people try to program TDD style, but we don’t force anyone into techniques they don’t want to use.
  • The operating system, IDE, editor must be chosen by the programmer himself so that it is as productive as possible.
  • We regularly contribute to the open source community and share know-how.
  • We have a team strictly divided into back-end and front-end developers, so we do not expect a full stack developer.
  • No one learned from heaven has fallen, so don’t worry if you don’t know some technologies. We will be happy to teach you.



  • Personal & Professional mentoring
  • Regular Techband breakfasts & team buildings
  • Bi-monthly tech webinars
  • Access to startup ecosystem via StartuPeak community founded by Techband & Accace

💻 Technology

  • PHP – advanced
  • Nette – preferred
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • ElasticSearch
  • InfluxDb
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ

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