Detail ponuky


Senior React Developer

Lokalita: Remote

Typ: , Full Time, Part Time

Mesačná odmena: from 2700 €

Mám zaujem


  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • HTML5, CSS3 
  • Sass, CSS preprocessors
  • React – latest (hooks, context api, refs)
  • TypeScript
  • UI/UX


Detail o firme

Junction is a large distributed application that was created for client teams to gather project-related data at one place and surface key information to clients easily. The purpose of the project is to allow internal teams to efficiently collaborate on complex projects, provide big corporate clients detailed analysis, visibility and control during multi-phase transactions running while acquiring or selling a business entity.

The application provides different roles according to a user’s assignment on the current project allowing users to perform a defined subset of operations and it also allows the customers to access the shared content inside. When all the data is collected and processed, the application generates a detailed report which is presented as the final output of the whole project.

The application is very high-profile, uses microservice architecture and is built with focus on the highest possible technical quality using the most modern technology stack.

  • Fast growing international company
  • Dynamic small startup dev team
  • Financial sector
  • Expanded to world market



  • Open minded people
  • Personal attitude
  • Direct approach
  • Feedback friendly
  • ! Clean code !



  • Very good English for daily communication
  • Mindset of consultant – propose innovations, explain reasons for change, guide non-technical people
  • Ability to work with team from US time-zone (standard work-hours by 6pm CET, but longer overlap with US time helps, there is ~7 hours offset to GMT+1, so the position is more suitable who likes to wake up later/not an early bird)


We are looking for somebody who:

  • Is able to lead a scrum team of developers/testers/ux designers
  • Centre point of communication for client representatives 
  • Overseeing quality and timely fashion of development
  • Taking care of team members
  • Keeping project documentation updated and light reporting
  • hands-on developer
  • Is able to produce high quality code at a high velocity
  • Is able to do code reviews
  • Is able to define and evaluate software development best practices
  • Knows design patterns and is able to introduce them when needed together with explanation of why they should be used and what is the added value they bring
  • Is able to efficiently communicate, explain design ideas, consistently “fight” for good things to happen and be introduced in relation to SDLC (be it new tools, new SW development approaches, new techniques…)
  • Is able to help people around to get things done
  • Has a strong sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Strong ability to verify assignments and proactively propose improvements
  • Ability to self sufficiently and proactively look for solutions

Náplň práce

Programming 85%
Meetings 10%
Reporting 5%

Ďalšie skúsenosti

Linting (ESLint, Prettier, stylelint) Npm, Node.js, Webpack RESTful API Postman, Fiddler, Soap UI Authentication - JWT, OAuth


You will be a part of Techband community
Personal and professional growth
Possibility to attend JavaScript meetups