Remote work set-up from a developer’s perspective

At Techband we aim to support our developers and help them in their professional development. This is the reason we decided to launch a new series on our blog. In the upcoming months we will provide you with useful tips and tricks on several topics that are helpful for the daily life of a remote software engineer. Today’s topic is the ideal remote work set-up by the software developer Marco Mrúz.


Set up the best environment for your remote work.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us switched to remote work. We started working from our homes and tried to set up a space where we can work efficiently.

During the pandemic, I got the chance to work remotely on amazing services with top companies (FRINX and GROWNi). Had the companies not adapted to this new way of work, I am almost 100% sure that would not have been possible.

I got the chance to work in the office and also at home. I noticed I was more efficient at home than at the office, who knows why that is. Maybe because nobody wanted to drink coffee with me or to talk about yesterday. 🤷‍♂️  On the other hand, the time spent with my colleagues at the office to brainstorm ideas, thoughts, or improvements of the products is irreplaceable to me. In the virtual world, it is not as personal as in the real world. In my opinion, the best solution is a hybrid set-up, which will probably be a new direction in the future. 

During my 2 years of remote work, I have been through some progress with my setup. I started to use 2 laptops, a new work desk, a new headset, and did many other small improvements. In the beginning, I must admit my desk was messy. But as time went by, I got more organized and I got rid of all the unnecessary things I did not use. I bought some nice gadgets, that I think helped me with my current remote work set-up.

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Some of the gadgets, that help me work more efficiently

  • Laptop, oviously, you would not be able to do anything without it (in my case: MacBook Pro M1)
  • Headset – groundbreaker for me (Sony WH-1000XM4)
  • External monitor (main one when I am working from home)
  • Mouse pad (big enough also for the keyboard – Lenovo Legion)
  • Vertical mouse (Eternico MV200)
  • Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech MX Keys Mini)
  • Lamp – as a headset holder 😆
  • Laptop holder


If you are thinking about buying something for your remote work set-up, let us know and we might be able to give you some tips. 

I must admit that not everything is perfect about this set-up. There are still things that could be improved. Currently, I am thinking about replacing my chair since the current one is not in a good shape anymore, it is a matter of the time when my back will give out. And the next thing would be a new monitor as it is getting old and my eyes do not appreciate the resolution. And the cherry on top would be a editable desk that you can stand and sit behind as well. 🔥

What about you? What does your remote work set-up look like? 


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