Techband Challenge

Dear Slovak & Czech students of IT! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Techband is checking in with a new challenge designed just for you 👇

We want to create a platform for you to unleash your technical potential by working on an assignment from the practical environment. If your solution to the given assignment will be the most outstanding, you will receive a financial reward and also an opportunity to become one of the members of our #TechbandCommunity 💫

How to join our challenge?

✅ Fill out our registration form
✅ We will send you the current challenge
✅ You will need to submit the challenge until the given deadline
✅ Make sure you commit everything to github
✅ The choice of the technology used is up to you


✅ Functionality and stability of the solution
✅ Quality of your code
✅ Github or other VCS link
✅ Deadline

Reward for the top solution: 333€


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