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Great projects and benefits await

Techband will provide you with attractive projects, tech community and learning opportunities.

Attractive projects

We have a rigorous vetting process to ensure you will work with the projects tailored to your preferences.

Tech community

At Techband, we have dozens of pre-vetted developers who can become your peers and a part of your personal network.

Learning opportunities

We organize regular meetups & mentoring sessions to enable you to accelerate your IT career.

Personal support

We assign a personal community manager to each and every member of Techband to ensure we help you in your career path and growth.

Our stellar developers

To make sure your personal and professional growth is skyrocketing, you have to partner up with the best. Techband enabled me to work with one of the fastest-growing companies, even though we are hundreds of kilometers apart. At the same time, I know that I can always rely on the Techband community in seeking advice.

Marek B., Senior Full - stack developer

One small step for a man and a giant leap for your IT freelance career.

#1 Waiting for your signal

Let us know who you are and what you work with. The rest is up to our initial meeting.

#2 Preparation for launch

We will meet online. Our goal is to find out more about you, your experience, preferred projects and where you want your career to head.

#3 Stellar equipment free of charge

Techband provides you with all the tools you will need: mentoring, english courses and other cool stuff.

#4 Launch!

Once we find a project according to your preferences, we are ready to launch our partnership.


We are your Houston

During our cooperation, we always have your back, organize workshops, mentoring and other events. You are a part of our remote #TechbandCommunity

Hi, we are Filip and Majka

One of our main responsibilities in Techband is the initial contact with a developer. That is where your journey starts as well. In order to choose the best client for you, we are mainly interested in your soft and hard skills and what type of projects you prefer.


Filip & Majka, Community Managers


Work for an extraterrestrial company!

Our clients are companies, who are light years ahead

  • Top software houses or SaaS companies
  • They know where they’re headed and what type of people they need
  • Fans of remote setup

A few examples from our galaxy