A freelance developer’s journey at Techband

At Techband, we are creating an IT community full of stellar freelance developers from all over CEE. Our developers have a lot of experience in the most diverse IT areas and work on meaningful projects that allow them to develop and use their full potential. That’s why, as part of this initiative, we decided to tell you more about their freelance developer journey.

In the interviews, we ask them about what exactly they do at Techband, how they got into IT, or what they have encountered on their freelance developer journey so far. We hope that this way you will be able to find out more about what it means to be part of the Techband Community.
In the first of our interviews, we talked with our Techbander Adam, who has been active in our community for over a year now.

Introduce yourself and tell us something interesting about yourself.

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m a 2nd degree student at FIIT STU. I also work as a PHP Backend Developer.

Why did you choose a path of a freelance developer? What do you enjoy the most about programming?

My interest in computers and natural curiosity brought me to programming – whenever something didn’t work for me, I tried to fix it and find out how it works. However, I only started to devote myself to real programming, as most people know it, at university. What I enjoy the most about it is the problem solving and the fact that I can quickly see the result of my work!

Tell us more about the technologies you have had the chance to work with so far.

Thanks to uni but also a relatively rich work history, I came across several languages – C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Typescript, PHP, Python, SQL, Assembler. I learned how to do automated tests, dockerize applications, develop backend but also a little bit of frontend, create and optimize SQL queries in various databases, work with NoSQL databases, model software in UML, do analysis from a business and software perspective, create VR applications in Unity and probably more things that I already don’t remember. The ordinary life of a FIIT student.

How did your freelance developer journey at Techband start?

I got into Techband thanks to LinkedIn and Majka, who approached me there. She introduced me to Techband and I was very interested. Within approximately a week, I also received a job offer, which I accepted and became a full part of the Techband community.

Tell us more about the project that you got to work on through Techband.

I do back-end development and maintenance mainly on several VOD platforms for Slovak, Czech or Hungarian end users. I also worked on an add-on project for Shoptet as well as a couple of CRM systems.

What has been the best experience you’ve had with Techband so far?

Definitely this year’s team building. After several months in lockdown, I finally had the opportunity to meet programmers from the community in person, but there was definitelly more, this just stood out the most for me.

What does your typical work week look like at Techband?

In principle, it does not differ from a normal working week except that, thanks to the Techband, I do not have to commute to work, thanks to Techband’s remote first policy and thus do not even have to get up early in the morning.

How would you rate the Techband community?

In one word – great. Thanks to Techband, I met great people and I know that if necessary, someone can guide me or I can help someone with my experience.

What type of software developers would you recommend joining the Techband community?

Techband is definitely a community suitable for experienced senior software developers. They can gain many new acquaintances and colleagues. I would also recommend this community to anyone who wants to start programming and have experienced people guide them on their freelance developer journey.

At Techband, we are partnering up likeminded top tech talent. Moreover, we are always bringing new exciting projects to our community of software engineers to enrich contribute to their freelance developer journey. If you want to become a part of the Techband communitz click to our „IT projects“ section.

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